Pepper and Salt.


This little section of amusing snippets appeared regularly in the 1930s.  This one contained appropriate seasonal stories about hens and turkeys.

“‘As a piece if furniture,’ writes an expert, ‘ a piano fills a room.’  And as a musical instrument it empties it.

*          *           *

‘Three Hens and a Cock’ for everyone would solve the new laid egg problem. – Letter to Press.

And also the early rising problem.

*       *         *

An elephant appearing in a London circus is called Mae West.  Symbolic of the broadness of her humour?

*       *          *

There are 750,000 turkeys in England and Wales this season – Market report.

What about a complimentary Sausage Census?

*         *      *

An attempt is to be made at a precise definition of ‘new-laid’ eggs.  Our belief is that only the hen really knows.”

The Stamford Mercury, 25th December, 1936.