Unrest among the Uniforms


It seems the Duke of Wellington allowed ‘fancy dress’ among his troops fighting in the Peninsula War.  This was not appreciated by their new Commander in Canada.

“A general order issued by Sir G. Prevost, shortly after the landing of the British Army, from Bordeaux, in Canada, has excited much comment and dissatisfaction.  It notices ‘the fanciful variety of dress, which the Commander of the Forces has observed in the troops which have lately arrived from under the command of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington,’ and desires ‘that the troops will in future confine themselves in their dress to the late Order issued to the Garrison.’ – The Heroes of the Peninsula, hurt at any thing implying a reflection upon their Chief, have expressed themselves in strong terms upon the introduction of his name in this way, considering it invidious and unnecessary. – Lord Wellington, we believe, indulged his troops in considerable licence, with regard to their dress, but all the world must allow that he fought them well.”

Stamford Mercury, 28th October, 1814.